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    Which came first the chicken or the egg? Introducing the new chickens range from South House.

    28 Oct

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    Chicken CoopMany of us relish the thought of keeping chickens to guarantee a seemingly endless supply of deliciously fresh eggs. Thanks to the ingenious team at South House this is now an affordable and achievable reality. Whether you are looking for the layers themselves, just a coop, a new run or the whole kit – South House now has everything you need set you up as a novice egg producer.

    Our brand new stock of birds includes some of the best laying breeds in the country. We are proud to sell Buff Orpington, Light Sussex, Marans, Pekin Bantams and Welsummers.
    The aesthetic appeal of our latest handmade wooden coops and runs is second to none. What garden will not be enhanced by a cottage style coop, brimming with flowers from the window boxes?

    Buff Orpingtons ChickensAnd now from South House comes another superb deal. Whether you are looking for a specific look or personality from your chickens or just prefer brown eggs to white, all you have to do is select 4 chickens from our laying range. We will then supply a beautiful painted coop, run and feeders (for pellets and water). This starter kit even includes bags of pellets, grit and bedding.

    So the answer to the age-old question seems to be simple. Clearly the chickens (from South House of course) come first!